Minutes Software: A centralized meeting environment

Increase the productivity of meeting teams with digital minutes, clear action points and a handy search functionality.

Useful meeting templates

Reuse the fixed agenda structure and list of invitees.

Smart search function

Find important information within seconds.

Complete action points

A personal dashboard with your action points

“LinQuake uses Minutes Software for all internal meetings. We used to make all our minutes in separate text files. As a result of the switch to Notulen Software, we spend less time on taking minutes and the quality of it is better. In addition, every participant has insight into ongoing activity and deadlines. I heartily recommend this solution.”

Dave van den Akker, owner of LinQuake

“As the daily management of a large student association, efficient meetings are a must. In addition to the standard duties of different board members, multiple problems must constantly be solved. This often leads to long discussions and disagreements that can take a lot of time. We use Minutes Software to handle the standard part of the meeting as efficiently and clearly as possible, which creates peace and space to focus on the most important agenda items. Our self-made meeting templates help enormously with this. These are also easy to make and adjust. In addition, it is very easy to create a task list during the meeting. This can easily be checked off or complemented after the meeting. ”

Wiebe Kuijpers, chairman TSVV Gepidae

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